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Essential Office Equipment and Maintenance (Repair)

Essential Office Equipment and Maintenance (Repair)

Office Equipment Supply and Maintenance (Repair)

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You have started your new business, things are booming! You have even hired some employees and now it is time to start thinking about your office’s equipment needs.

This, unfortunately, is often an afterthought; a lot of budding businesses waste thousands due to a misunderstanding of their office needs. Compensating an employee to work inefficiently due to unsuitable office equipment choice can be a hard pill to swallow; this is especially true when you have realized this a little too late.

Sacramento Copiers has compiled a list of probable equipment needs so that you can avoid the “shoulda coulda woulda’s” of office equipment woes.

1.) Mailing equipment

Mailing equipment is often an efficacy that is tremendously overlooked. Even if your team is making minimum wage, it is extremely expensive to have them fold papers, manually cut forms, insert them into envelopes, and then place postage on the envelopes. If you are mailing more than 3,000 envelopes a month (or less depending on the speed and amount of staff), it would be wise to consider automating this task.

Mailing equipment comes in plenty of different varieties. In a very streamlined mail room, you will find postage printers, folder/inserters, bursters/cutters, and envelope inserters. These can be huge cost savers, particularly when your team is trained to use them properly. In many situations, monthly payments for these tools are exponentially less than the cost of having a team complete mailing tasks manually.

2.) Information Technology

As your team grows and digital information compiles, it is best to start considering how your company is going to protect and access it. A simple router is no longer going to do the trick. For example, you have 15 workstations, a photocopier, multiple desktop printers and hundreds of gigabytes of important documentation to be shared amongst your team. Searching for drives with data storage and waiting for your slow network to connect costs a lot of money due to lack of employee productivity.

Data loss and compromised digital information can also be very costly. Make sure you have someone on your team that is versed in computer and network security. Sometimes it is the most cost efficient to go with a third-party vendor when it comes to security on a smaller level. For instance: you need someone who regularly checks your equipment and network for security issues like viruses. However, if you do not have many offices, you will have a challenging time filling up your I.T.’s workday. Companies, like Sacramento Copiers, are available and qualified to come out and make sure all your devices are networked correctly and that nothing possesses a threat to the security of your important digital documentation.

3.) Document Management

I cannot count how many times I have seen offices with many small and inefficient devices to avoid the use of a quality photocopier. Desktop scanners, fax machine, printers, and one lone 12-year-old black and white copier that is unable to connect to the network. Scanner goes down, loss of productivity. Fax no longer picks up the paper, loss in productivity. Printers down, loss of productivity. Lone, decrepit, and unnetworked copier goes down, …. loss in team productivity.

When you start to tally up the numbers, you will find that you are spending more than saving with small desktop printers and often unreliable and complicated standalone scanners. Most photocopiers these days are much less expensive to run than multiple inkjets and laser printers due to the cost of toner per sheet printed. Another thing that people often fail to realize is that you do not need a brand-new copier for your business to work well. Purchase a refurbished copier with scanning and fax abilities for a fraction of the price of a new piece of equipment.  Make sure that you include a maintenance contract with a good response time so that you will never be without for more than a day. Most importantly, be sure that the company you go with is highly rated, as refurb quality varies from company to company.

Leasing a refurbished copier from Sacramento Copiers means that you are in extremely safe hands. We visit your equipment quarterly for preventative maintenance and meter reads. You experience far less downtime due to the watchful eye that we offer. Plus, if anything happens between quarterly visits, we will come by to assess the damage within 4 hours. However, our average response time is 1.5 hours!

If any of your mailing equipment, network or print and scan equipment goes down, give us a call at (916) 390-6581. We are happy to help you get back on track as fast as possible. We are also available to assess your needs and give all the professional equipment necessary for your team. From desktop multifunction printers to 500 fpm (forms per minute) bursters, Sacramento Copiers has the equipment and skilled techs that will automate your office, saving your team from the heartache of lack of productivity.



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  1. Mailing equipment is a major time savor, it’s unbelievable. I agree with you, it’s not cost effective to have all your employees fold letters all day. The one time cost of mailing equipment will be more than offset by the savings of not having to pay people to fold all day.

  2. Absolutely! It adds up quick. Thank you for reading!

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