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In a perfect world, all real estate offices print devices would function seamlessly within their teams’ unique needs.  Luckily, you don’t have to take a shot in the dark when choosing the best equipment available to assist in your office’s productivity. 

Quality Automatic Document Feeders

When purchasing a photocopier, pay attention to the quality of the ADF (automatic document Feeder). How durable does it appear to be? Is there a separation roller? Or a separation pad? The term less is more does not apply to Document Feeders. If you are frequently scanning or photocopying large documents, the last thing your office needs is an unreliable ADF. Realtors are always on the move; a machine that requires an end user to stand in front of the equipment and perform frequent jam removal is not practical. Investing in equipment that’s appropriate for a high-functioning Real Estate Offices does not have to be expensive either.  Sacramento Copiers has hundreds of low meter Konica Minolta Bizhub’s with lease rates as low as $100 a month. Save yourself (and your team of realtors) from the frustration that goes along with working with the wrong tools.

High-Quality Color Output 

It may seem that everything is going digital, but it is still important to have something a potential client can take with them. Printing open house flyers, old-school mailers, fridge-worthy postcards, and even client testimonial packets are all powerful tools to help real estate agents leave a lasting impression. When choosing a print device for your office, be sure to keep an eye on the print resolution on the model’s brochure. Your color prints should crisp and clear. MFP’s with low dpi will produce grainy images.

Batch and Separate Scan

In many offices, end users only need to scan 50 or fewer pages per job. In the real-estate industry, that just is not the case. Sometimes, a user will need to scan more than the document feeder on a copier can accommodate. Therefore, it is important to purchase or lease a copier with a ‘Separate Scan’ setting. Makes like Konica Minolta (Batch Scan for Ricoh and RFG) allow for scans to include as many sheets as needed as opposed to the standard 100 sheet scan job.

Scan and Print While Network is Down

Manufacturers understand how much offices, like yours, require cutting-edge features that assist in keeping all your important paperwork available and usable digitally. Protect your office from Murphy’s Law.  Features like User Box (also known as Document Server) will allow for important documents to be stored onto your copier for easy access. Simply select the document you wish to print, verify print settings, and your print job will begin to process. Another great feature now available on many makes is ‘Print from Media Device’ and ‘Scan to Media Device’. This means all you must do is load your paperwork onto a flash drive, plug it into the printer’s interface, and select the jobs you wish to print. Network not required! Do not let internet issues get in the way of closing.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is now an available option on pretty much every make of print equipment. This is great news for those in real estate. What are you able to accomplish with the implication of OCR technology? Normally, when you scan a document, you look searchability. With OCR Technology, you can maintain searchability.

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