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How To Choose A Copier According To The Size Of Your Business

How To Choose A Copier According To The Size Of Your Business

When making any kind of investment for your business, it’s a priority to make the most out of the money spent. So when you’re buying or leasing a copier, you need to carefully consider the choices you’re making. This is because you’ll be using the copier for years and you need to make sure that it’s going to fulfill your business requirements during that period. Here’s a useful guide to help you find the right copier according to the size of your business:

#1. Home Office

For start-up business owners who are working in a home office, it’s unlikely that you’ll be using the copier all the time. You’re probably just going to use it every now and then to copy important documents. It may be best to get an all-in-one instead of having separate units for different jobs. It’s a much more affordable option and you’ll be saving space and electricity as well.

home office_copierSource: Pixabay

#2. Small Businesses with up to 10 Employees

If you have a slightly bigger business and working in a dedicated office space with about 10 employees, you’ll probably be using the copier more frequently. Considering you’ll be using it on a daily basis, you will need to look for a unit that does its job at a high speed. Look for a copier that can also handle scanning, printing, and faxing.

#3. Small to Mid-sized Businesses

Small to mid-sized businesses are those that have somewhere around 10 to 30 employees. The work environment will be quite busy for these offices, so the printing and copying requirements will also be a bit higher. This means that you will be looking for a copier that has higher performance capabilities to fulfill these needs.For these businesses, it may be best to find highly efficient copiers that are capable of producing color copies of professional-quality. This will allow you to make your own flyers and marketing materials. Try to invest in a unit that is also capable of printing, scanning, and faxing in addition to the copying feature. You could also look for additional features such as mobile printing so that employees can print remotely.

#4. Businesses with 30+ Employees

When you have more than 30 employees in your office, your business is likely to have a lot of workload. As a result of this, you will need to look for a copier with impressive performance in terms of print speed and quality. Get something that is capable of printing at least 20 pages per minute in both black and white and color. You could go for a unit that has additional features like security authentication, automatic duplexing, and color correction.

Businesses with 30+ EmployeesSource: Wikipedia

If you’re running a business of this size, you might need to move beyond just copying, printing, and scanning. Maybe it might be a good idea to find a copier that will also let you manage documents digitally. For those running a business that involves a lot of paperwork, it would be crucial to find a machine that is capable of high-volume copying that will give them a value for their money.

Considering Your Business Requirements

Whether you decide to buy or rent a copier for your business, it’s important that you choose one with features that are a necessity for your work environment. This will help you in comparing different models that have those exact features. So even if you have a small business, it might be necessary to go for a high-end model based on what you need in your business. Here’s a brief idea on what you need to look for based on your business requirements:

#1. For Photos and Portfolios

There are businesses such as photo studios whose operations involve producing high volumes of professional quality colored photos. If you’re running a business like this, it would be necessary for you to choose a high resolution copier. Look for a unit that is capable of producing photos with a DPI (dots per inch) of 600 x 600 to 1,200 x 1,200. If you have to create large images frequently, try to use a high color toner yield so that you can complete your tasks without facing copying issues.

#2. For Documents and Papers

If your business mainly deals in documents and paperwork instead of photos, the requirement is much different. So if you have to copy high volumes of paper on a daily basis, you need to look for a copier with a good PPM (page per minute). While 20 pages per minute is more than enough for some businesses, some of the high-end models can even copy around 100 pages per minute. You’ll also need to look for a unit that has a large paper capacity. Some can even stack up to 5,000 sheets.

Copier For documents and papersSource: Wikipedia

Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Copier

Your choice of copier can have a huge impact on productivity within your business. You wouldn’t want your employees wasting their time on a slow copier. So it’s always a good idea to consider every factor before you make an investment. Ask yourself the following basic questions when choosing a copier for your business:

#1. What Will the Copier Be Used For?

Make a list of the tasks that you will need to carry out using the copier. For instance, scanning, faxing, and printing in addition to copying.

#2. How Fast Do You Need the Copier to Be?

If you’re only using it occasionally for printing a few important papers, you can save money on a basic model. However, invest in a unit with higher speed if your business requires high volume copying.

#3. Do I Need Color Copiers?

If your business only requires a copier for printing documents and paperwork, you don’t necessarily have to waste money on a color copier. Yet it may be wise to invest in one if there are times you’ll need color copies such as for marketing material.

#4. Do I Need Additional Features?

High-end copiers come with plenty of additional features which may not be so important for small businesses.

You now have some basic idea as to what you should do before you choose a copier for your business. While the size of your business matters a lot, your business requirements should also be a part of your consideration when comparing models.

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  1. Thanks for the tip to get an all-in-one printer if you’re a start-up business. You also said that having an all-in-one would save you space and electricity. I think it’s good to determine how often you plan to use a photocopier for your work so that you can choose a printer set up that is the most efficient.

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