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Leasing A Business Copier: Seven Most Crucial Questions to Ask!

Leasing A Business Copier: Seven Most Crucial Questions to Ask!

business copierAre you preparing to lease a business copier a new multifunction copier for your business or home office? Before taking the leap and leasing a business copier, there are some vital tidbits of information that you need to ask. Since vendors are usually independent contracting agents for major manufacturers in the industry, they establish their own regulations for leases and all of their other services. Before signing on the dotted line for a long-term lease contract, ensure that you know the answers to these seven critical questions to protect your organization from future surprise expenses.

1. How Does Insurance Work?

Some vendors require that customers take the insurance plan that is offered by the third party leasing company. In the copier industry, the average is around one-fourth percent per month for the entire asset value. On the other hand, it could be beneficial to stick with your existing insurance policy if it will provide appropriate coverage. In order to avoid the extra charge, it is to your business’ advantage to ask if you can use your own insurance plan. Also, make sure you ask what documentation is required as proof of insurance.

2. What Happens When the Lease Runs Out?

Take special note on how your vendor responds when asked about what happens when the lease expires. Within the industry, customers are typically responsible to cover all of the costs associated with crating, packaging, and shipping the equipment back to the company after leasing a business copier. Shipping expenses can add up quick, and cost your business between $500 and $2,000. Furthermore, ensure that you fully understand the consequences of not declaring your intentions prior to lease expiration. Policies tend to vary depending on the company, so find out if the lease will go from month to month or if it will automatically carry over each year.

3. After Expiration, What Happens to the Hard Drive?

Security is a major concern for business owners that are looking to protect their sensitive or private data from being accessed by others. As a result, it is essential to know upfront exactly what happens after the lease has expired for your equipment. Ask the vendor what procedures are conducted after leasing a copier and returning the equipment. Make sure you are aware of any extra costs that could be connected with the need to have the copier removed or destructed afterwards.

4. How Are Large Prints Calculated on a Cost Per Copy (CPC) Contract?

If your business will be producing large prints of 11”x17” or more, then you will have to find out how the vendor charges for these prints. Within the copying industry, the majority of companies calculate these expenses based on the cost per copy. Most vendors charge 2 “clicks” for output on tabloid or larger paper, while there are some that offer a discounted charge of 1 “click.” For businesses that create loads of larger output, it is beneficial to seek out leasing a copier from the companies that have lower expenses.

5. Is There a Guarantee If I Am Not Satisfied With My Lease?

The majority of vendors will perform all necessary repairs or services for your equipment if there are some problems encountered during your lease. However, it is possible that the copier does not perform as it should or is just a “lemon.” Make sure you receive adequate assurance that your copying machine will be properly replaced by the company for a new, more functional model.

6. Do You Charge Extra for Delivery of Supplies?

It is important to inquire about whether your business is expected to pay for all the supplies used to operate the copier. Copiers require routine supply items, including toner cartridges, drum cartridges, and imaging unit supplies. Since most leases on the market last for three to five years, having to pay the added expenses shipping for all of these supplies to your office can add up rapidly and shoot through the roof.

7. Are There Any Additional Hidden Fees?

Each vendor in the industry requires different fees that may not be included within your established monthly payment for leasing a business copier. Some of these hidden fees involve lease administration, color calibration, network connectivity, delivery or setup, UCC filing, fuel surcharges, and many more. When directly asked, vendors will be happy to go over the additional fees that will be needed to factored into your business’ final budget before selection. Businesses that take the initiative to ask these questions, as well as the others on this list, are much more likely to save money and hassles after signing the contract.

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