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Sacramento Multifunctional Color Copiers That Are Dying

Sacramento Multifunctional Color Copiers That Are Dying

Unfortunately, we come to you today with some sad news about Sacramento multifunctional color copiers and their slow and painful demise. There is one device in particular that we feel the need to inform our readers of. The Konica c550 has sadly become a lost cause, in our eyes. More often than not we are getting phone calls and emails about broken down devices that simply should not have an issue.

Naturally, we check out the devices to see if it was something wrong with the device itself or if there was something the owner could have accidentally done. So far, we have not found a single one that had issues due to the owners or operators of the device.

Sacramento, multifunctional color copiers are not all bad, in all actuality most of them are very high quality and will work for a very long time as long as they are serviced regularly. However, we are unable to say the same for the Konica c550. We have replaced far more actual devices than we fixed simply because the cost of the repairs were more costly than replacing it. We have not had any major issue with any of the other models but if I were in the market for a copier, I would definitely avoid this one, even if they were giving it away.

Our company alone has spent far more time and money on the repairs for the Konica c550 than the device is worth. We feel this is more than a mere misfortune for our customers. The way these devices are breaking down leads us to believe the manufacturer might have been thinking ahead. Is it possible they timed specific parts to break? This is a thought, and could very well be true. We don’t know for sure if this was a major factory defect or if it was an intentional ploy to either make money off parts or from a purchase of another model.

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