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Tips On Reducing Printing Costs For Your Business

Tips On Reducing Printing Costs For Your Business

Printing and copying are essential for your business. But there’s no need to rack up the cost of printing unnecessarily. With your overheads and operational costs, your business could be spending thousands of dollars every month. So why not save a bit of money on printing? This doesn’t mean you’ll be refraining from using paper altogether. Instead, you’ll just be making a few adjustments here and there so that your printing and copying become much more efficient with a lower environmental impact. Here are a few tips to help you reduce printing and copying costs for your business.

#1. Make Use of Both Sides

You can easily cut your paper and ink costs in half by using both the front and back of your papers. Make sure your computer printing defaults are set to print double-sided. When you make copies, try to use both sides of the paper if possible. If there’s any unused paper that has been printed on only one side, you could use the other side in your fax machine. You could also use it to make draft copies or as scratch paper.

#2. Think Twice Before Printing or Copying

Print and copy responsibly. While it’s absolutely necessary to print or copy documents at times, that may not be the case for each and every thing. Before you hit “print”, ask yourself if you really need a hard copy of that document. Would it be better to scan it and store it or send the scanned document by email?

Think Twice Before Printing or CopyingSource: Reyner Media

If certain files really need to be printed, make sure you preview them first. You can use the print preview to see if there are any formatting errors or blank pages. To avoid the need for a reprint, you should also proofread your documents carefully. Promote this habit among your employees and coworkers as well.

#3. Centralize Your Printing

Some offices have an ink jet printer on the desk of every employee. This may be where you’re going wrong and racking up the printing and paper costs within your organization. Opt for a multi-functional printer that is capable of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. You can keep this at a centralized location where everyone can access it. This will also clear a lot of space on the desk. However, personal printers may be necessary if there’s a need to print sensitive documents.A 6:1 employee to printer ratio may be the rule of thumb for all businesses. But do you really need one printer for every 6 employees? If you’re centralizing your printing and copying needs with an efficient and high-volume multi-functional printer you could increase the ratio to about 20:1.

#4. Adjust Default Preferences

Printers are often set to print in color by default. You don’t always need color printing, so it may be wise to change the default preferences. Black inks and toners are much cheaper than yellow, cyan, or magenta. So color printing can cost you quite a lot in the long run.This may not be such a concern if you’re printing simple word documents or spreadsheets. However, you may end up paying a lot in printing costs if the web page you’re printing off for reference comes out in color. Make sure the default printing preference is set to grayscale or black and white if there’s an option to print in color.

#5. Go Electronic

There may be newsletters and memos employees need to see but don’t have to keep. Make sure these are routed and shared instead of being copied, so as to save copying costs. Avoid printing out drafts where you can make hand-written comments. It’s much better to use the revision feature available in word processing software. This will enable to edict the document on screen, helping you save paper.

Go electronicSource: My Writing Blog

Instead of using fax or mailing letters, sending information electronically is a much better idea. It not only helps you save printing and copying costs but it’s also much faster. You could also begin an electronic filing system for important internal documents.

#6. Reuse and Recycle

Check with your copier company if there’s an option for you to recycle your empty toner cartridges. You may also want to opt for reusable toner cartridges if they’re available for your printer model.

Reuse and recycleSource: Pixabay

Even with paper, try to recycle unnecessary office paper instead of dumping them in the garbage. If you’re not recycling yet, it’s high time you begin an office paper recycling program. You could also get started with recycled-content paper. There are variations made from recycled paper pulp that doesn’t make use of chlorine.

#7. Save Power

Do you really need to have your printer running at all times even when no one is in the office? Make sure you turn on the power save option on your printers and copiers during your office downtime. This will help you save a lot on electricity costs.

#8. Upgrade Your Equipment

If your office is still making use of old copiers and printers, there’s a chance you’re using up a lot more energy and time. New models are much more efficient in terms of power savings and speed. So it’s probably time to upgrade to something that’s going to improve your efficiency in all aspects. Increase printing and copying speed will also boost productivity around your workplace. Employees will no longer have to waste their time waiting for the old printer or copier to complete their tasks.

Why save on Printing and Copying Costs?

You may be wondering why exactly you should save paper on printing and copying. The problem isn’t just about the cost of paper purchase. Think about all the costs incurred in storing, copying, printing, and disposing of paper. Bank of America was able to reduce its paper consumption by 25% within a two-year period. They managed to do this by increasing their use of online forms and reports along with email. They also began double-sided copying and used lightweight paper for printing and copying.

So you see that there are plenty of ways in which you can save money on printing and copying costs for your business. You also understand how that will impact your operational costs. It’s time to start investing in a high-quality energy efficient multi functional printer that can manage high volumes of work within a short period of time.

  1. My brother has his own business and needs to print dozens of fliers to promote his business. It was mentioned here that it will be best to use both sides of the paper to save up on printing. Moreover, it’s recommended to go to trusted suppliers for quality copiers.

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