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Ricoh Aficio MP 2500: This All-In-One Takes the Prize

Ricoh Aficio MP 2500: This All-In-One Takes the Prize

Don’t let the compact office design mislead you into thinking the Ricoh MP 2500 must lack in something. Many people feel the need to go with the bigger office devices and machinery thinking that they are getting a better product. The Aficio MP 2500 proves bigger is not always better. This copier has it all for your everyday business needs in one small and attractive design.

For starters, the Ricoh Aficio MP 2500 weighs a mere 121 pounds. If you have ever had the misfortune of having to move your copy machine around in your office, you know how relieving it is to have one that is lightweight. This alone is a key feature that is well worth mentioning. However, if you want to know about the real features that are going to increase your productivity, keep reading.

If you are in the market for a new copy machine, fax machine or printer you might be looking in the right place when you started looking into the Aficio MP 2500. This machine might be lightweight, but it can play with the heavyweights. Everything your big and bulky copier can do so can this one, only better.

Is it speed you are looking for? Well how does 25cmp sound? Pretty impressive right? It is not every day that you will find a smaller copier that can hit and maintain copy speeds that high. That is because Ricoh had speed, flexibility and productivity in mind when they created this unique all in one system. Yet, they didn’t stop with speed and reduction of weight, They knew it would take a lot to impress the business owners of today’s world so they continued looking for ways to make this one sell itself.

Automatic duplexing was another innovative idea they decided to bring into this model. No more wasted paper, which again increases productivity while decreasing spending and costs for your business. Scanning your documents only once is all you need to do. You can print multiple copies of the same paper. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2500 can automatically select the correct paper for your needs, starting and stopping is automatic as well as reducing and enlarging your copies. This copier will make you feel as though you really are not necessary. This will give you the little extra time you need for the needs and demands of your customers. That is something those big and bulky copiers cannot do.

Are you looking for a little more before you buy? Let us talk a little bit about the effortless faxing capabilities. The modem has an automatic fallback with speed of 33.6Kbps-2,400. It will scan your documents in 0.8 seconds. As you likely know, that is amazingly fast for any machine, never mind a compact device. One common problem that often found among the smaller all-in-one office printers is the lack of duplex transmission. You don’t have to worry about that with the Ricoh Aficio MP 2500, they thought of that too.

In comparison to some of the more costly, overweight and bulky copiers you can find the Ricoh Aficio MP 2500 more than proves itself of being beneficial to all office environments, big, small and even those within a home. You are not going to be able to find a well know manufacturer that has a similar system as this one within the same price range with the reliability of all of the Ricoh devices.

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