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Phaser Series 6280 Printer: Print with Confidence

Phaser Series 6280 Printer: Print with Confidence

For some people, buying a copy machine is just another purchase they need to make for the office. However, it is vital that you do a little research before you make such an investment. You should know what your needs are for the printer before you buy it. The Xerox Phaser series has an array of machines to meet almost all of your needs. One of our favored Xerox printers in the Phaser series is the 6280.

We have found that this fairly compact device can hold its own within even the larger businesses. If you are looking for professional high grade quality in a more compact device, this could very well be the perfect printer for your office. Many people feel a smaller printer will not meet their business demands nor their needs. into thinking the smaller, more compact devices are for home business or new businesses. However, in reality many of the larger businesses are replacing their bigger printing devices for the more compact ones to reduce their costs and save on floor space.

Looks can often be misleading. At a first glance you might be compelled to dismiss this printer and continue in your search, but when you consider the functionality, power, productivity and print quality of this little masterpiece you just might change your mind. After doing some extensive research on the Xerox Phaser series, the 6280 seemed to have some of the highest reviews on performance and reliability.

We wanted to know exactly what it was about the 6280 laser printer that put it on the top of many lists. Since we wanted to know, we figured so would everyone else. We took the legwork out of this equation for you. Here’s what we found:

•The price was reasonable, many referred to it as “competitive”
•The clarity of the pages printed appeared to be as clear as the original without exception
•The pages print impressively fast which greatly reduces wasted time while increasing productivity
•Built in networking (a rare find in this price range)

We understand how important it is to find the right device for your needs. As you can see, we looked into the top reasons the Xerox Phaser Series 6280 is desired and used in businesses today. We are just as impressed as you are with it. We know you will be happy with this printer, especially if you are looking for something that is going to save you time and money while giving you the ability to increase your productivity without lacking in quality.

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